Install Behave Pro Server

Behave Pro Server is available as both a virtual appliance for deploying on your own hardware in a supported hypervisor, and also as an Amazon AMI for use when deploying to the AWS Cloud.

Virtual Appliance

Minimum hardware requirements
  • 1.2 GHz dual core CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 20GB of free hard disk space

Hypervisor requirements
  • OVA compatible - VMware/ESXi and VirtualBox

Download Virtual Appliance OVA (750mb)

Amazon AMI

Minimum EC2 requirements
  • m3.medium

Region name Region ID
N.Virginia us-east-1 ami-ed9c4186
Oregon us-west-2 ami-25909d15
Ireland eu-west-1 ami-6a3c731d
Sydney ap-southeast-2 ami-d1a5e3eb

JIRA Requirements

  • JIRA version 6.3 or higher
  • JIRA secured using HTTPS

If you are using a read only LDAP or AD (Active Directory) system for user management, please see Installing with LDAP.


Depending on the deployment method you chose above, import the appliance into a compatible hypervisor or deploy an EC2 instance using a region specific AMI ID, then boot machine image.

The virtual machine uses DCHP for automatic network address assigning by default, depending on your network environment this may need to be configured.

You can access the virtual machine using SSH on port 22, with the credentials below:

  • User: appliance
  • Pass: appliance

Behave Pro can send email notifications to users associated with the issue that is being modified, for this to happen an SMTP server is required.

$ sudo nano /usr/share/behavepro/conf/application.conf
# Email notification Configuration""

Uncomment all the SMTP properties and replace the values with your email servers settings. If you prefer not to use the email notifications, ensure the properties have empty values (as above) and make a note to disable the functionality once installed. See end of guide.

$ sudo service behavepro restart

After making configuration changes Behave Pro will need to be restarted with the command above.

Configuring SSL

Behave Pro is required to use SSL by JIRA to create a secure bridge between the two, to support this requirement the virtual appliance ships with nginx preconfigured as a reverse proxy.

The configuration for the reverse proxy is available at /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ and expects a valid SSL certificate at /etc/ssl/behavepro.crt and its private key at /etc/ssl/behavepro.key.

Both of the required files are created when either you generate a self-signed certificate or purchase one from a CA vendor. We recommend against using self-signed certificates in production environments as browsers will complain.

You may also need to update the server_name property within /etc/nginx/sites-available/ to match the hostname that points to the virtual machine.

$ sudo service nginx restart

Nginx configuration changes require the service to be restarted.

Atlassian Connect

Atlassian Connect is required to provide a secure bridge between Behave Pro and JIRA so they are able to communicate. To install Connect for JIRA Server, download the following plugins and upload them to your JIRA add-ons manager.

Different versions of JIRA are required to use different versions of the Atlassian Connect plugins, select your version from the tabs below.


Plugin Version Download
Atlassian Connect 1.1.64 Download
Atlassian JWT 1.5.4 Download
Atlassian Webhooks 2.0.2 Download
Atlassian JSON Validator 1.0.4 Download
Behave Pro LIC Service 1.2 Download

Has An error has occoured while installing the addon?

Connecting to JIRA

Once the Connect plugins are installed, installing Behave Pro is as straight forward as saving and uploading the descriptor file, this allows JIRA to install Behave Pro.

Save your descriptor file at https://<server address>/atlassian/connect/atlassian-jira.json, then inside JIRA go to the add-ons manager (UPM) and select "Manage Add-ons", click on the "Upload add-on" button and upload the descriptor file.

Behave Pro Server License

To use Behave Pro, a license is required. A license or trial license can be requested from the Behave Pro website.

Email Notifications

If you didn't use a valid SMTP in the previous steps you will need to ensure you disable email notifications from the Behave Pro configuration page to prevent send failures.

The configuration page can be accessed from the sidebar of the add-ons manager in JIRA or at https://<jira instance>/plugins/servlet/ac/pro.behave.hosted/behavepro-config-page.

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