Upgrade Behave Pro Server

This guide applies to debian based Behave Pro Server (pre mid 2015).

Executing uname -a will return the linux version, if 'Ubuntu' is present in the string, you can follow this guide.

To upgrade to the latest version of Behave Pro and its dependencies you can download our upgrade script below to be executed on the Behave Pro virtual machine.

If your Behave Pro Server does not have outside internet access, contact our support team who can provide assistance.


As with all upgrades, we highly recommended backing up your data. See Backing up your data before proceeding.

Executable upgrade script


Upgrading requires sudo privileges and may take some time to download the required files.

$ wget http://docs.behave.pro/assets/behave-pro-server-upgrade.sh
$ chmod +x behave-pro-server-upgrade.sh
$ sudo ./behave-pro-server-upgrade.sh

Once that has completed, Behave Pro won't be running because a java upgrade is required. The upgrade script has prepared the relevant repositories, so you can complete the upgrade by executing the commands below.

$ sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
$ sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-8-oracle

You can now start Behave Pro:

$ sudo service behavepro start

Ensure the upgrade was successful by navigating to https://<server address>/atlassian/connect/atlassian-jira.json from another machine

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