Hipchat Integration

Hipchat Integration

Once Behave Pro has been installed into you JIRA instance, you will see a Behave Pro HipChat page inside the Addons area.

HipChat connect page

An installation token is required to authorise Behave Pro to be installed into HipChat. You can copy this from this page to your clipboard to be used in the next step.

Click the Connect HipChat button and you will be asked to sign in to HipChat, and taken to the Behave Pro install dialog.

Using the following dialog, select a room to install Behave Pro into, or select install globally to enable Behave Pro HipChat integration in all rooms.

HipChat install room dialog

Paste the earlier copied token into the JIRA token field and press save. This completes the installation process.

HipChat token page

Once confirmed, the configuration page where you can enter the installation token mentioned earlier will appear.

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