Status Mapping

Mapping custom statuses from JIRA to Behave Pro

You can map custom JIRA statuses to the Behave Pro statuses by dragging unmapped statuses to a one of 3 columns, "Open", "Work in Progress" and "Closed".

  • OPEN for scenarios attached to issues that have not been started yet
  • WIP for scenarios attached to issues that are in progress, useful for selecting the current working set of scenarios
  • COMPLETED for scenarios attached to resolved issues, useful for regression testing existing functionality

These statuses will be applied as tags on the exported scenarios, allowing you to filter them in the BDD tool of your choice. For example, in Cucumber-JVM, you would run WIP scenarios as follows:

$ cucumber --tags @WIP

To map your statuses to Behave Pro, go to the project administration page and click on the Behave Pro mapping sidebar item.

Mapping your statuses

Any statuses that you have added to JIRA should show up in in the unmapped column, drag them to the appropriate column and it will autosave. That's it! Simple!

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