Migrate from Behave for JIRA

Importing data from Behave for JIRA

If you are migrating from Behave for JIRA to Behave Pro you can export your feature data using one of our command line clients, and then import it into Behave Pro.

Follow the installation instructions for one of our cli clients, available as Ruby or Python. In this guide, the Ruby client is used.

Once installed, execute the following command, replacing the placeholders with your own information:

$ behave --host http://your-jira-instance \
  --user jira-user \
  --pass jira-pass \
  --key project-key \

You can use the --directory argument to organize the features into particular directories (by project key for example) if you are exporting multiple projects.

Ruby CLI

This will download your feature files from Behave for JIRA and save them in a 'features' directory by default (if --directory was not used) relative to where you executed the command.

Once you have exported all the projects you want to migrate, you can switch to Behave Pro and begin the import process.

Import button

Navigate to the Specifications tab within JIRA, and select the Import button in the lower left. Ensure the correct project is selected in the sidebar, then click the Select files button in the upper right and choose the feature files that you exported earlier that are applicable for that project.


Click the upload features button and let the process complete, each features status will change to success.

Feature migration is now complete!

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