Release Notes

Workflow enhancements

06 February 2014

Import and export of .feature files

Upload your existing .feature files to your JIRA project on the Specifications page. Download individual .feature files from the Feature listing on the Specifications page. (read more)

Auto-watch issues and email notification for issue stakeholders

Adding, editing or deleting scenarios on an issue adds you as an issue watcher. Issue watchers, the reporter and the assignee are all issue stakeholders that receive email notifications when a scenario on that issue is modified.

Custom status mapping

Map your project statuses to scenario statuses (Open, Work in Progress and Completed), allowing you to filter which scenarios get run in your BDD tool. Open status refers to scenarios not yet implemented through an issue. WIP status includes any issue that is currently being worked on. Completed status refers to already implemented scenarios, useful for regression testing.

Configure custom statuses from the Project Admin area. (read more)

Create issue from Specifications page

Select one or more scenarios on the Specifications page and create a new issue from that context, linking those scenarios immediately.

Gherkin keywords code complete

Use Ctrl/Cmd+Space to trigger the autocomplete dialog inside the step editor. Provides keyword hints for the Gherkin keyword, and auto generation of Examples tables from placeholders in the steps.

Welcome to the public beta of Behave Pro

10 October 2013

We have released Behave Pro as public beta to allow customers to give us feedback on features and help us direct development of this product. The beta label does not reflect on the quality of Behave but the level of available functionality. Enjoy and don't forget to create feature requests in our public JIRA instance.

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