API Key setup

Pulling Scenarios into your Development Environment

Once you have written your Scenarios inside JIRA, you can pull them to your development environment using one of our clients. We currently have clients for Maven and Gradle with Java, the .NET platform, Python and Ruby. In order to use these Clients you will need an API key.

Getting the API Key

In order to use one of the Behave clients to export your specifications, you will need to generate an API key. API Keys are generated on a per project basis and can found on the Project Administration page in the Behave Pro section (at the bottom of the page).

Finding the API key on the Project Admin page

When configuring the appropriate Behave build tool or client you will need to add the "Project ID" value to the projectKey field, "User ID" to the username field and the "API key" to the password field.

Resetting the API key

Treat the API key like a password. If you think it may have been compromised please generate a new API key by clicking on the refresh icon, this will disable the previous key.

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