The Behave Pro Node client is available from NPM, and can be installed using the following:

$ npm install behavepro -g

NodeJS and NPM are both required to be installed.

See API Key setup to retrieve the required credentials.

Using from the command line

Parameters can either be passed from the command line:

$ behavepro [--id PROJECT ID] [--userId USER] [--apiKey KEY]

Available parameters:

  • [--host HOST] Behave Pro host - default: ''
  • [--id PROJECT ID] JIRA project id
  • [--userId USER] Behave Pro user id
  • [--apiKey KEY] Behave Pro api key
  • [--output DIRECTORY] Output directory - default: 'features'
  • [--manual] Include scenarios marked as manual
  • [--config CONFIG] JSON config file - relative to current directory

If the three required parameters are missing, they will be attempted to be read from a json config file in the current directory:

$ behavepro


    "id": 10000,
    "userId": "amlyYToyNDM0ZG.....ZiNzQwNGI=",
    "apiKey": "44993b0481838e.....a246c723e8e"
}, {
    "id": 10100,
    "userId": "amlyYToyNDM0ZG.....ZiNzQwNGI=",
    "apiKey": "b038a67e0f15e5.....fae00662c8a"

Any additional parameters are to be specified from the command line.

The host can vary between products, see table below.

Product Host
Behave Pro Cloud (default)
Behave Pro Server Address of the VM
Behave for JIRA JIRA address

Using from within a script

You can use the client in your own scripts to download features from Behave Pro.

$ npm install behavepro --save
var BehavePro = require('behavepro');

  "id": 10000,
  "userId": "amlyYToyNDM0ZG.....ZiNzQwNGI=",
  "apiKey": "44993b0481838e.....a246c723e8e"
}, function() {
  // done

Available parameters:

  • "host": HOST - Behave Pro host - default: ''
  • "id": ID - JIRA project id
  • "userId": USERID - Behave Pro user id
  • "apiKey": APIKEY - Behave Pro api key
  • "output": DIRECTORY - Output directory - default: 'features'
  • "manual": true - Include scenarios marked as manual
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